Cape Willoughby Lighthouse - Kangaroo Island

Cape Willoughby Lighthouse

Lighthouses of Kangaroo Island

 Photographer: Winsome Bonham

Cape Willoughby Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in South Australia, established in 1852. It was originally named after Captain Charles Sturt known as the Sturt Light. It’s located on Dudley Peninsula, the eastern coast of Kangaroo Island.

Cape Willoughby lighthouse provides light and guidance for vessels that traverse the Backstairs Passage. The lighthouse is made from limestone and granite sourced from the ground it stands on.

Originally the keepers settlement was located 500 metres away in a near by valley,where there was fresh water. It was also close to the beach, for easier access to supplies from the mainland. In 1927 newer keepers quarters were built at the lighthouse and are now used as holiday accommodation.

You can visit the lighthouse on Thursdays to Mondays from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm (except Christmas Day), for a gold coin donation.

For more historical information, check out the listing on More information about tours visit the National Parks SA website

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