Cape Borda Lighthouse Station - Kangaroo Island

Cape Borda Lighthouse Station

Lighthouses of Kangaroo Island

The Cape Borda Lighthouse and Cannon

Photographer: Chris Klep

Originally built in 1858 Cape Borda is the third oldest lighthouse remaining in South Australia. Cape Borda is the only lighthouse that is square in South Australia.

Cape Borda was originally used to warn ships during the war of any Russian ships passing the Island through shooting the cannon that stands in front of the lighthouse, which still fires today for visitors. The lighthouse started running on its own from 1989  and would operate automatically. Alongside the lighthouse, the old keepers cottages are used for accommodation for visitors.

You can visit the lighthouse from Friday - Tuesday: 11.00 am, 12.30 pm*, 2.00 pm

*Cannon firing is conducted on the 12.30 pm tour

For historical information visit For information on tours visit the National Park SA website

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