Family Time on Kangaroo Island - Kangaroo Island

Family Time on Kangaroo Island

It’s time to reconnect with your family on SA’s Kangaroo Island!

Family Time on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is isolated from the mainland and the city, invoking an air of mystery for adults and children alike. Kangaroo Island sparks the imagination and reminds us of the true pleasure of life. Being Australia’s third largest island and is overflowing with opportunities for families to reconnect and bond.

What’s a family holiday without your best pal the dog? Well the dogs invited to join you for free. Dogs on a lead can travel across in the upstairs area of the ferry. Many camp grounds, caravan parks and even some holiday homes welcome well behaved dogs. All you’ll need to do is let the Kangaroo Island Council know your dog’s details and avoid National and Conservation Parks.

Not much more bonding can be done than squeezing your family into a tent. Although there are all styles of accommodation on Kangaroo Island, camping is one of the best for family bonding. The tempting distractions that keep your attention away from your family, such as phones, internet and television will be far, far away. However, don’t forget the camera!

Kangaroo Island’s size often surprises visitors being 155 kilometres long and up to 55 kilometres wide, so you will probably be spending some time in the car. Use this as another great opportunity to connect, not with technology, but with each other. Travel games are always great fun from the classic ‘eye spy’ to pulling the question cards out various games and quizzing each other. Without other distractions, it’s amazing how creative children and adults become.

While you and the family are on the Island, be sure to check out the Raptor Domain and possibly see one of the Birds of Prey shows. You’ll get to meet an array of birds from a Wedge tailed Eagle, Barn Owl and some laughing Kookaburra and many more. The whole family will be impressed by this show. Make sure you bring the camera to this one and put on a glove if you’re game enough and have a bird of prey fly to you.


We hope this has inspired you for your travel to Kangaroo Island with the family! See SeaLink for family travel packages that include ferry, accommodation and an interactive family pass to Raptor Domain.

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