Five Reasons Your Dog Deserves A Cruise To Kangaroo Island - Kangaroo Island

Five Reasons Your Dog Deserves A Cruise To Kangaroo Island

By Evette Wolf

We absolutely love our dogs and why leave them at home when there are so many reasons you should bring them with you to Kangaroo Island! Here are a few reasons… and some great tips for bringing them along.

1. You’ve been too busy

It’s hard to balance life’s demands and sometimes your dog misses out. Walks get shorter and less frequent, hours alone increase and your sensitive dog picks up on household stresses. Ease your guilt - indulge your dog with a trip to KI and some quality time with you.

2. Dogs remind you to smile

Imagine relaxing on an open deck, your grinning dog by your side, watching the mainland slowly disappear. Imagine meeting people from all over the world as they pat and admire your four-legged friend. Imagine sipping a drink while the sun sets and dolphins play. It all happens on Kangaroo Island.

3. Your dog gets a free ride

Not only do dogs travel free on SeaLink ferries but they also get the best view from the upstairs deck. Why pay for a house sitter/boarding kennel when you can take your dog on a free cruise? Take a look at their FAQ’s for details on bringing your pet onboard.

4. You won’t get cabin fever

Travelling to the island takes less than an hour each way, giving you and your dog enough time to enjoy the experience and still feel fresh when you arrive. Make it a day trip and walk the beaches before returning, or stay for a week and really spoil your pooch.

5. Because you can!

It surprises many, but yes! You can take your dog to Kangaroo Island! You can walk pristine beaches together, go camping, or book into luxury accommodation. Just avoid the national and conservation parks and don’t let your pal chase wildlife.

Before you arrive, just let the council know that your doggo is visiting and you’ll both be as good as gold. Search for dog friendly accommodation here or give the SeaLink team a call on 13 13 01 for assistance.

Getting there

SeaLink passenger and vehicle ferries depart daily from Cape Jervis, 100 kilometres south of Adelaide. Arrive in Penneshaw on foot or explore the whole island by treating your car to a cruise as well!

Here are some lucky puppers who have taken the trip over with their pawrents

Ralph from Outback Osteos

Dusty the Kelpie

Rose the Cockerspaniel

Zero the Maltypoo

Ghost from As We Wander

Use the hashtag #DogsOfSeaLinkKI to get your dog photo shared on Facebook and Instagram!

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