My Kangaroo Island Adventure – A Day at the Races - Kangaroo Island

My Kangaroo Island Adventure – A Day at the Races

By Laura Bakhtiarian

Laura Bakhtiarian shares her day at the SeaLink Kangaroo Island Racing Carnival. Laura always has food in one hand and a camera in the other and can be found on Instagram: @piecesofme___.

Personally, I love a good road trip and new adventures. So, the idea of travelling to Kangaroo Island for the day and getting to experience the country races while I was there had me excited from the word “GIDDY UP”.

As they say the early bird gets the worm, and so did we as we departed on the first ferry out of mainland Adelaide to Kangaroo Island. Popped a few travel nausea tablets and I was on the back of that ferry channeling my inner Leo singing “My Heart Will Go On”. Having a great travel companion on this adventure made it feel like we were only on the ferry for a few minutes before docking into gorgeous Kangaroo Island. Approaching the crisp coastline of the Island was magical, with the sunrise just shinning upon it.

Back on the same bus from Adelaide we went with bus driver Vinnie off to Cygnet River racecourse. All dolled up heels on, fascinator, pretty dress, eyelash extensions and all, I was ready for this! Nothing greets you like country races than stepping out from the bus onto a barren paddock. However, as I began to stroll across the riverbank did I ever see a grass so green with garden flowers that filled the white backdrops that set the perfect scene for a great day at the races.

After working all the best angles to capture that best Instagram pic, we soon set out exploring the grounds. The trackside marquee creatively captured that country spirit with the old “hills hoist” clothes line, bra and undies hanging, rustic copper wire fences entangled as ceiling decorations. The marquee being exclusive had a super important, furry VIP greeting guests on arrival, who knew koalas were so welcoming.

Over the course of the day venturing out on the grounds you could find pop up pavilions and displays adding to the atmosphere of the true races. Fashion at the races is always fun here at Kangaroo Island even the children could be a part of it.

Now anyone that knows me, knows that nothing gets me going more than food. I don’t like think of myself as a food snob… but I like good food, who doesn’t? The long lunch sure didn’t disappoint with its quality and overall presentation of each dish. This is where I say a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

By the end of the day the strangers on the bus became new Insta friends. We had a great little group to travel with making it one of the most memorable adventures I have ever been on. Jumping back on the bus with our favourite bus driver Vinnie we made the trek back to Adelaide.

There really is something about that fresh country air, the friendly and warm smile of the locals, and the whole beauty of the island which teased me with such a short adventure. So as I stood at the back of the ferry on our return home, I watched the sunset fall upon island and I whispered, “ I will be back…I will be back”.

With love Laura xx

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