Top Five Photography Locations on Kangaroo Island - Kangaroo Island

Top Five Photography Locations on Kangaroo Island

By Ben Goode

During 2018, I spent the year travelling to Kangaroo Island in different seasons as part of a special photography project I was running called ‘Southern Seasons’. Over this time, I well and truly fell in love with Kangaroo Island and its pristine landscapes. After scouting the island for the best photography locations, I wanted to share my top 5 lesser-known locations to shoot on KI.

Places like Remarkable Rocks, Seal Bay, Admirals Arch are very well known and nice to photograph, however, it was the lesser known spots which I enjoyed shooting the most. No crowds - just beautiful landscapes… just how I like it! Here are my secret finds…

1. North Coast Road

The North Coast of Kangaroo Island is where I spent most of my time on the island. The coastline is stunning and there are no crowds - but the one thing that really stood out to me was the beautiful North Coast Road! The way the late afternoon light shines through the stunning trees lining this road really captured my attention and I spent hours shooting different compositions. 

2. Western River

This place is just divine. The drive into Western River Cove is one of my favourite in South Australia. Rolling fields, amazing gum trees and stunning coastal views. Once you get to the Cove there are just as many opportunities to take out the camera - with cliffs, rock pools and crystal-clear water everywhere! I like to shoot facing east for sunset and west for sunrise - letting the sun light up the hills and cliffs.

3. Old Jetty, Kingscote

It’s easy to miss, but if you go for a wander on the Esplanade you will see a path leading down to Nepean Bay. Jutting out from the coast is a photographer’s dream – you’ll find quite a few old broken jetty poles leading to the horizon. They can be shot at sunrise or sunset depending on the type of image you are going for.

4. Redbanks

This spot isn’t very well known - but the way the setting sun lights up the cliffs is gorgeous! You can shoot from the top of the cliffs - but if the tide allows, find the path that leads to the beach below and you’ll come across some spectacular photographic opportunities.

5. Middle River

One of my favourite views on Kangaroo Island is from the top of the hill that overlooks Middle River. The sunrise in this area is nice, but if you catch the right light at sunset, the scene is simply breathtaking. Just be careful where you position yourself near the roads remember safety first as this is a busiest stretch of road.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out some of my secret photography locations on Kangaroo Island and that this inspires you too to head over and discover these incredible locations for yourself. Thank you to SeaLink for assisting to organise my travel needs to Kangaroo Island and I look forward to returning soon to scout out more photography destinations.

Ben Goode is a highly acclaimed and award-winning South Australian photographer and we highly recommend following him on Instagram at @benjamingoode to be inspired by more of his photography.

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