Dingoes at KI Wildlife Park - Kangaroo Island

Dingoes at KI Wildlife Park

Puppy dingoes are introduced to Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Dingo puppy

Five adorable puppy Dingoes have been introduced to the KI Wildlife Park since late August this year. These puppies now call the wildlife park home and they have their own enclosure set up for them. We took the time to interview one of the park’s owners, Dana Mitchell, about the new arrivals…

How old are the Dingo puppies and what are their names?

The puppies vary in age, two of them are 12 weeks old and the other three are 8 weeks old. The bigger boys are named Thor and Loki and the other three puppies have not yet been named and the wildlife park is running a naming competition during September to pick names for the unnamed puppies.

Can the Dingoes be patted?

The pups are in training at the moment are being trained at the moment and are taken on daily walks. Interactive experiences are also available where visitors can sit with and pat the dingoes for photos.

What do the Dingoes eat?

These Dingoes are an apex predator and prey on small mammals in the wild. They get a wide variety of meat and are fed twice a day. Their breakfast at the park is a meaty bone to chew on and then they get a bigger meat feed in the afternoon. Their favourite meat is rabbit.

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