Kangaroo Island Art Feastival 2016 - Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Art Feastival 2016

A festival celebrating the art, culture and cuisine of Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Art Feastival 2016 takes place in September and October and fills galleries, cafés and other venues across the island with a feast for the senses: a perfect blend of art, music, food, beverages and more. Some events are held at the iconic Wilowbrook Woolshed, home to the delightful KI Tru Thai food truck. 

Art Feastival 2016

Emerging and established artists put forward works, with community art sitting alongside the works by artists of international renown. The Youth Art Feastival showcases the talents of the Island’s young artists at food and art events.


Art Feastival have partnered with Natural Resources Kangaroo Island and the Parndana Progress Association, to bring the amazing Sixteen Legs Cave Art exhibition from Tasmania. 

Plans also are being developed for a series of community events at American River, all with a nautical theme, to be held over a weekend in October.

A  number of the island’s leading artists have agreed to open their studios. This will provide a wonderful opportunity for people to watch artists at work, to join in conversations with them, and to view their amazing works.

Sixteen Legs

For more details on the event, visit kangarooislandartfeast.org.au.

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