Winter is Coming to Kangaroo Island - Kangaroo Island

Winter is Coming to Kangaroo Island

By Thomas Nisbet


Winter is upon us and it’s time to imagine something better.

A roaring log fire, a bottle of Kangaroo Island red and a thousand stars (if not more!) shining in the flawless night. One thing Kangaroo Island excels at in winter is romance. While the nights can be a little chilly, winter is a great time to explore what Kangaroo Island has to offer.

Bear in mind, while the scenery in winter on Kangaroo Island is at its most spectacular, the temperatures can get to be quite cold as Kangaroo Island is fairly exposed to the elements – and with the next stop being Antarctica, this is more than understandable. Wind is usually the largest factor on the Island in winter and rain can also “dampen” the experience, so bring waterproof jackets.


Rug up and go for a hike through a national park or perhaps visit the most iconic animal that can be found in and around Kangaroo Island (other than the kangaroos, of course) the local colony of fur seals and sea lions. You can find them at Seal Bay Conservation Park and at Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks. In winter, they gather in massive groups and laze on the rocks along the shore line, attempting to soak up the sunshine in order to keep warm while occasionally diving into the waters to grab a meal.

Winter is the perfect time if you are lucky, to catch sight of a Southern Right Whale – mothers sometimes seek refuge in protected bays and coves around the island. Not to mention other whale species also migrate through these waters. Newborn kangaroos, koalas and wallabies typically use this season to emerge from their mother’s pouches, while the sight of 8 male echidnas following a female around in a long “train” formation is a common and humorous spectacle.

 King George Beach Photo taken by: Josh Munro

Photo Credit: Josh Munro

While the mainland shivers through winter, don’t dismiss Kangaroo Island in the winter seasons. The climate is surprisingly benign – with plenty of sunny days, a good show of native wildlife and even fewer cars on the road.

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