What Animals Will I See on Kangaroo Island - Kangaroo Island

What Animals Will I See on Kangaroo Island

By Thomas Nisbet

Some human beings might go into temporary hibernation during winter but the wildlife does not.

This is a great time to catch sight of camera-shy echidnas that are mating during this period. Meanwhile, Kangaroos and Tammar Wallabies are busy giving birth, so keep an eye out for young joeys – many are still in the pouch. The skies are also full of activity as Double-banded plovers arrive from New Zealand, Black swans build their nests and Glossy Black cockatoos raise their young in hollow logs.  

Feeding kangaroos at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Whales in the water

Winter also brings good catches of whiting - look out for them on restaurant menus and at local fish shops. And if you are lucky, you might catch sight of a Southern Right Whale. While the mainland shivers through winter, Kangaroo Island’s climate is surprisingly benign, with plenty of sunny days, a good show of native wildlife and even fewer cars on the road. Come and see for yourself.


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