Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail - Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

One of Australia's great walks

Imagine: the isolation; the serenity; and the natural wonders of this special part of South Australia, and all while walking alongside the vast, breathtaking expanse of the Southern Ocean with nothing between you and Antarctica. With nature at your feet you will be surrounded by Kangaroo Island’s array of wildlife, curious to know who else is enjoying this special part of the world they call home.

Kangaroo Island holds many secrets waiting to be discovered. None is more rewarding than the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail.

The 66 km Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail offers a unique nature-based experience, giving visitors access to one of the most rugged, remote and spectacular coastlines in Australia.

Plan Your Trip!

Avid walkers should allow 5 days for the full trail. Accommodation is available along the way, however it is recommended to book your accommodation before you start the trail.

Camping is also another option, there are only 4 camping sites and these include: Cup Gum, Hakea, Banksia and Tea Tree. Each campground includes:

  • 24 tent platforms.
  • Unisex pit toilets.
  • Rainwater in campground shelters.
  • Shelter for food preparation and cooking.
  • Basic camp furniture.

Note: Independent walkers are required to provide their own tent and sleeping equipment.

Post your images on Instagram with the #KIWildernessTrail whilst on the trail and see them on the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail website.

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