Do I Need a 4 Wheel Drive on the Island? - Kangaroo Island

Do I Need a 4 Wheel Drive on the Island?

Quite simply you do not need a 4WD to explore what Kangaroo Island has to offer. The main sights on Kangaroo Island are accessible via sealed roads, including Kingscote, Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and Seal Bay. However, if you plan on doing some of your own exploring it is recommended you upgrade to a 4WD as some vehicles may find the unsealed dirt roads challenging. 

Before hiring a vehicle on the mainland, please find out if you are allowed to take it on the ferry to Kangaroo Island as some companies have restrictions. Budget Rent-A-Car operates on the Island, with offices at the SeaLink Penneshaw Terminal and Kingscote Airport.

Driving on Kangaroo Island

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